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Special exhibition 2024

The little black – dress

French designer Coco Chanel revolutionized the fashion world in 1926 when US Vogue magazine published her controversial design on the cover – a little black dress.

A fashion icon
In the past, the simple black dress was reserved for servants. Around the end of the 19th century, the upper class expected maids to wear a simple black dress and a white apron as a uniform.

Coco Chanel popularized the style via the underlying trend she called la pauvreté de lux (luxurious poverty). Her expensive creations were reserved for the rich who could “afford” to look poor. Chanel’s simple design that reflected the boyish Garçonne silhouette of the 1920s did away with the big and full dresses of previous decades.

What started as a rebellion against contemporary fashion conventions became a timeless manifestation of simplicity and elegance which continues to define the dress today. The little black dress became an icon in itself and seen as a symbol of liberation and modernity.

It’s in the details 
The little black dress is one of the items of clothing that has been recreated the most times in fashion history. It is the epitome of simple elegance. It suits all ages and any style. It has a permanent place in every woman’s wardrobe and is the safe choice for every occasion.

Experience the special exhibition from 5 February. – 14 Dec. 2024
The special exhibition gives an insight into the concept of THE LITTLE BLACK.
Elegant, beautiful and period-typical black dresses, shoes and bags are put into focus. In addition to the original historical dresses from the collection’s warehouse, contemporary creations by fashion designer Lasse Spangenberg are on display.


Lasse spangenberg


The talented designer and costume designer Lasse Spangenberg often finds inspiration from the tailoring art of the past. Combined with today’s trends, he creates elegant dresses with beautiful details.

Lasse Spangenberg from Funen became an apprentice at the age of 16 with the Danish fashion designer Jørgen Bender. Already during his training he sewed for the Danish royal house for Bender. 

Lasse Spangenberg is one of the preferred designers within Danish company fashion. He creates magic and adventure for those who wear his beautiful and unique dresses – royalty, politicians, actors, famous and lesser known personalities. Lasse Spangenberg about the little black dress:

“It is a must have. It is a typical item that is found in every woman’s wardrobe. It is a phenomenon that will continue to be in fashion, as it is fashion in itself. The little black dress is a unique dress – it’s all in the details”