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Annette Hage, the founder of Tidens Samling, opened the museum in 1992. For years she had wished to create a place where ordinary people would be able to experience the near past. To create a museum that would illustrate everyday life in the 20th century and allow visitors to come in touch with the past, quite literally. A place where they would be able to touch the objects, sit in the chairs and sofas, open the drawers and try on the clothes.

During the 1960’s a lot of people had a change in attitude towards their possessions. They had more money than before and no longer had to take as much care of their old things and put them aside in case they or their children would need them in the future.

As a result a lot of old furniture, clothes and tablecloths were thrown away. Annette Hage decided to collect these things because they were all a part of Danish history. All of it was part of our culture and even the smallest everyday item that seemed insignificant and without value, spoke to her about our past far better than any history book.

In the 1960’s she began to buy old clothes, mostly from second-hand shops. From that time onwards the collection increased in size – from being a fashion collection to including everyday items and furniture. In 1970 she opened BAZAR XLI which was a shop combined with an exhibition. BAZAR XLI furthermore rented out clothes to a significant amount of historical films.

In 1992 Annette Hage opened the museum Tidens Samling based on her private collection. Her daughter, Cæcilie Ning Hage, has since 2006 been the museum’s director.

The Storage Room
Since 1992 Tidens Samling has grown considerably and today the collection has a storage room at the size of about 1000 square meters with an abundance of relics of the past. One of them is a collection of around 8.000 pairs of shoes – the largest shoe collection in Denmark, with the oldest dating back to the 1910’s. The amount of material in store makes it possible for Cæcilie Ning Hage to supplement the permanent exhibition at Tidens Samling with temporary exhibitions.

Tidens Samling is also in charge of renting out clothes and accessories from the 20th century to movie- and tv-productions. Please call the museum on +45 65 91 19 42 or e-mail for further information.

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