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March 7th – December 14th, 2022

The new special exhibition Young in the 70s at the museum Tidens Samling is an exhibition in memory of a significant decade with many different trends. Concepts such as protest movements, solidarity and broad-mindedness became part of the “Brown Decade” breaking with traditions of the past and heavily influencing Denmark´s future – both politics as well as fashion and interior decoration.

Protest- and women´s liberation movement and anti-fashion
The 70s was a time of unrest and upheaval and a wish for changing the world.  There were heavy discussions between the young and the older generation – at home as well as in public. The collected struggle for equal rights led by the women´s liberation movement created a new consciousness and became a prominent part of the cultural revolution in this decade.

The many new trends helped shaping the family patterns of the decade. The youth experimented with many new ways of living together based on equality and freedom as a contrast to the neat and monotonous family life. The majority of Danes still lived in legal marriages and in nuclear families.

There were also great changes within fashion. The youth expressed their political views through fashion wearing almost anything, anywhere, and created a whole new lifestyle: the anti-fashion focusing on new values.

Young in the 70s focuses on a decade of contrasts in which the youth fought against the standards of society and searched for the countercultures, the natural and homemade instead of the neat and conform life. Our guests will experience the trends and tendencies of the decade through colorful, unique, and homemade effects and cloths. Get close to and feel the atmosphere in a teenage room, the neat home of a newly established nuclear family and the hippy commune.

The special exhibition is made in cooperation between Ove Dahl, historian, writer and head of Dansk Center for Reminiscens and Cæcilie Ning Hage, managing director of Tidens Samling.

Read about the permanent exhibition.

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