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The Permanent Exhibition

Tidens Samling is a museum of everyday life. The permanent exhibition's unique and nostalgic atmosphere brings the 20th century to life. The exhibition consists of eight living rooms from 1900's to 1980's with original and authentic interiors from typical Danish homes.

the permanent exhibition
From the museum's 1920's living room 

The museum is a hands-on museum where you are allowed to touch the items, sit in the furniture, open the drawers and try on the clothes. You can use all your senses while you take a journey through the Danish past and experience Danish culture.

Tidens Samling is a place for all generations to meet and exchange memories and rediscover the history of your parents, grandparents and great-grandparent's childhood.  The many details give recollection of early childhood for the elderly, whilst children and young people can learn about the lives of past generations.

Visit the cozy and atmospheric museum and get an experience out of the ordinary.


Special Exhibitions