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25 years of hidden treasures, forgotten memories and shared identity

From the 6th of February until the 16th of December you can visit the museum’s jubilee exhibition

Tidens Samling has Scandinavias largest private collection of clothing, furniture and other items from the 20th century. The collection is stored, categorized and classified in a huge storage to make sure everything is ready to be pulled out for new exhibitions and film productions.
In this special exhibition parts of the storage has been re-built at the museum to display the hidden treasures and special atmosphere that is found there.

The storage is a place of vibrancy and lots of activity – sorting, classifying and categorizing the items and letting out clothes, furniture and other items to film and tv productions around the country. In this special exhibition you can get close to the many objects and, among other things, see how the fashion of hats has changed, the technology has developed and look for the lost – but never forgotten – toys of your childhood.

This special exhibition is a veritable horn of plenty with all things imaginable from the 20th century – from peculiar tools and everyday clothing to well-known design classics and handmade robes.






This special exhibition has been supported by A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal.